Mr Olugboyega Falana

Mr Olugboyega Falana is an astute Human Resources Generalist with experience in almost all areas of the practice and major dexeterity in the hospitality Industry, a graduate of Biological Sciences and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personel Management with formal training on Advanced Human Resources and labour law practises.

 Mr Falana has been with the company for over 7 years starting as a green horn and rising through the ranks in the Human Resources practise handling all Human Resources functions in the Hospitality aspect of the Company with his main stay being Employee reward, policy formation and implementation, performance management and maintaining good industrial relations between Management and Staff, as a pioneer staff member he is responsible for formation and implementation of several policies that ensure employee benefits and reward and maintenance of good industrial relations as well as overall employee organization across the Groups.

Mr Falana is an optimistic and vibrant individual who sees every challenge as an opportunity to make the company better and promote seamless Human Resources processes that makes for a better working experience for all staff members. His major objective is to give the Company a major shake-up by high improvement in the Company’s employment brand making it one of the most sought after and secured companies to work with.